Road / intermodal traffic
Road / intermodal traffic

Road / intermodal traffic

A networked approach with coordinated action

Curt Richter has been consistently expanding its intermodal transport capacity since 1987 in order to handle the major challenges of any transport job - using sound cost structures and an ability to meet
tight deadlines. 

In addition to its fleet of 390 tractor units and 430 tanker trailers and chassis, the company now has a container pool consisting of more than 2,300 units of all types. In conjunction with computer-aided logistics management, tank containers make it easy to combine road, rail and shipping services in a flexible manner. 

This not only guarantees outstanding cost-effectiveness and adherence to deadlines, but also provides a lasting contribution to protecting the environment and the road network.

Curt Richter SE fleet

  • 390 tractor units
  • 430 tanker trailers / chassis
  • 2,300 tank containers

Goods transported

As a certified and audited specialist provider, Curt Richter SE has extensive knowledge about all aspects of transporting liquid goods. One of our core areas of expertise involves developing transport, handling and cleaning concepts for chemical products and substances.

Summary of goods transported

  • Temperature controlled, liquid products up to 200 °C
  • Liquids in water hazard classes (WGK) I - III
  • ADR class 3 liquids: inflammable, liquid substances
  • ADR class 4.1 liquids: inflammable, solid substances (hot products)
  • ADR class 5.1 liquids: inflammable (oxidizing) substances
  • ADR class 6.1 liquids: toxic substances
  • ADR class 8 liquids: caustic substances
  • ADR class 9 liquids: various hazardous substances and object
  • Non-hazardous goods such as additives, dispersions, fibre raw material, fats, fatty acids, liquid fertilizers, synthetic resins, latex, softening agents
  • Solid materials like powders

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