SQAS Services
SQAS Services


Reaching the goal with proven safety

Curt Richter creates win-win-situations with its SQAS certificate (Safety and Quality Assessment System). The SQAS certificate guarantees maximum quality and safety in the fields of transporting, warehousing, loading chemicals and tank cleaning. This certificate was established by the European Chemical Industry Council (CEFIC). The SQAS is essential for any logistics company working for the chemical industry.

SQAS is a testing system for the chemical industry and evaluates the aspects of safety, health, the environment and quality in regard to a company’s efficiency and implementation of the principles. This certificate records the proven quality of all customer-relevant departments at Curt Richter.

Curt Richter is ideally equipped for all kinds of logistics services for the European chemical and petrochemical industry. With SQAS, the company has certification that faultless quality and safety will accompany each step. [...more]