Efb - Waste management company
Efb - Waste management company

Waste management company

From waste to raw materials

In the light of increasing raw material prices and stricter legislation, the issue of raw materials and recycling is constantly becoming more relevant. As a certified waste management company, Curt Richter guarantees that all materials entrusted to its care will be either disposed of in the correct manner or properly recycled.

With its certification as a specialist waste management company, Curt Richter creates a stable framework for responsible behaviour when collecting, transporting, storing, treating, recycling and disposing of waste. Curt Richter rounds things off: the main focus when handling waste is naturally on recycling. The company makes available waste materials that can be reused in the business cycle. This lowers costs, increases efficiency and protects the environment.

Curt Richter submits itself to inspections by an independent body at regular intervals with regard to its capacity and competence as a waste management company. The relevant certification creates planning certainty and ensures ideal acceptance with customers and partners. [...more]