Logistik-Management – europaweit
Logistik-Management – europaweit

Curt Richter SE
Logistics management for liquid goods

Curt Richter’s transport solutions address the three central challenges of the modern logistics age: cost-effectiveness, delivering the right quantities of goods on time and handling natural resources in a sustainable manner. As a leading logistics services provider for the chemical and petrochemical industries in Europe, Curt Richter has been combining the experience it has gained from handling many transport assignments with the specific opportunities offered by the latest technology for more than eight decades. [... more]

Charta der Vielfalt - For Diversity in the World of Work [...more]

From ISO 9001 to SQAS and Efb [...more]

Career opportunities at Curt Richter SE

“Qualified and motivated employees form the basis of any successful business.” This is a key business principle for Curt Richter as it encourages employees, hires qualified members of staff and trains young people [...more]

Road / Intermodal

Curt Richter is able to cleverly combine modes of transport and selects exactly the right one (road, rail and shipping) for your products [...more]


For Curt Richter SE, sustainability means the responsible use of resources at all levels.