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Tank cleaning

Curt Richter SE operates tank cleaning facilities that are fully certified and approved in line with the German Federal Emissions Protection Act at the following business sites:

Please phone +49 (0) 2 21 9 64 99-0 for product and price inquiriesor or look here for our latest flushing price list.
As a member of the DVTI (German Association for Internal Tank Cleaning), all the cleaning centres are authorised to issue the ECD (European Cleaning Document).

Tank servicing/repair service

Curt Richter SE performs all the servicing, maintenance and repair work on tanker trailers and tank containers at all its workshops as an outsourcing partner and carries out all the necessary preparation work for approval by independent classification organisations:

Contact us for more information on our range of services, flexibility and cost benefits when you work with a strong service partner.

Electronic freight management

Our central information and management system operates using the latest technology. Fast applications in the client-server architecture with powerful database servers provide all the information in good time and this is essential to ensure punctuality and correct performance.

Our VPN (Virtual Private Network) connects all the company sites in Europe. Customer order data in virtually all the common record types and industrial standards ranging from EDIFACT to XML is processed without any difficulties in the Electronic Data Interchange.

If required, Curt Richter SE provides a comprehensive tracking & tracing system. Regular satellite tracking and GSM information transfer ensure that up-to-date data on items such as the transport status, order status and container position is available at all times. If there are special requirements, data on temperatures and additional information or states can be transmitted.

The transfer is performed in the customer’s data format directly from our order and scheduling system. This provides a real bonus for our customers in terms of cost-effectiveness, availability and transparency in freight management.

Curt Richter SE offers a high level of information quality and competent integration in the necessary communications processes. As a result, we can create the conditions for efficiency and high quality transport services.

Warehousing solutions

In the interests of greater cost-effectiveness, modern supply chain management requires flexible warehouse solutions, which support scheduling at short notice. 
Curt Richter SE provides permanent storage capacities for liquid goods (ADR/non-ADR) and can organise and operate temporary warehouses (call-off solutions).

Our outsourcing services offer essential customer benefits.

  • Focus on core business
  • Greater room to manoeuvre due to tying up less capital
  • Increased flexibility thanks to tying up less personnel
  • Professional warehousing


Curt Richter SE’s portfolio includes both the short-term and long-term rental of warehouse facilities, liquid containers and all types of trailers. We also provide an extensive programme of fleet management and technical services in line with customer needs.

Contact us to discuss greater flexibility, reduced personnel costs and tying up less capital by means of individual rental solutions for transporting, handling and storing liquid goods.

Our qualified specialist personnel will work on special vehicle bodies and modify containers. 

Value added services

We create added value for you.
We provide comprehensive knowledge on how industrial processes and transport logistics can be dovetailed – as a result, you enjoy the benefits of cost-effective, efficient interfaces.

  • Waste management (Ideal Services)
  • Consultation/developing logistics concepts
  • On-site management
  • Tracking & tracing 
  • Dedicated equipment

As part of its quality assurance and reducing expenditure on cleaning, Curt Richter SE offers its customers the option of using all kinds of tank containers and tanker trailers, either on a limited or a permanent basis as “dedicated equipment” for one-way traffic. In addition to exclusively using a container for a specific substance, there is also the option of reserving units for exclusive use by a single customer.

Curt Richter stands for high-quality services, fair pricing and profitable complete solutions throughout Europe.